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Fulda Elementary to hold fund raiser for Elementary School in Mississippi

By: Norma Dittman, staff writer

September 29, 2005

Mr. Slaathaug, Madeline Kaufman, Kyle Kirlin and Mrs. Beerman 
 Fulda Free Press/Norma Dittman
Fulda Free Press/Norma Dittman
Mr. Slaathaug, Madeline Kaufman, Kyle Kirlin and Mrs. Beerman
Mrs. Beerman asks that the Fulda community get involved in the fund raiser
As we all know, Hurricane Katrina left in its wake unimaginable destruction. The public has seen or heard many stories of people throughout the United States lending aide, in many different forms, to those who were affected by the hurricane.

In our own rural Southwest Minnesota town of Fulda, students at Fulda Elementary will be holding a fund raiser beginning October 3 and ending on October 10th. They are very excited about the fund raiser because they already know where the funds they raise will go as well as what they will be used for.

A bit of history is needed to help put this story all together: We'll begin with Michael and Janelle Bolstad, Pascagoula, Mississippi. This couple both grew up in Minnesota - Michael in Dawson and Janelle in Goodhue and Wanamingo.

As a married couple, they have served time with the United States Air Force. Part of that time was spent in Germany where the Bolstad's met Bruce and Angie Peters, who are currently stationed at the Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

Bruce Peters is a brother to Linda Beerman, who is the fifth grade teacher at Fulda Elementary School.

When Hurricane Katrina's fury was over, Angie Peters contacted Janelle Bolstad to inquire what their safety, home, and jobs situations were.

Bolstad shared that their family was o.k., but that the school she teaches in, Eastlawn Elementary School in Pascagoula, Mississippi, was in terrible shape.

The Peters shared this information with Linda Beerman, who in turn shared the information with staff and students at Fulda Elementary School. A plan was immediately formulated to raise funds to help restore supplies for Eastlawn Elementary School .

Mrs. Beerman contacted Bolstad who shared, "My school? Terrible black mold and loss. We may have a big decline in enrollment due to the inability to start school until October 3rd. Even that date is tentative. There is more damage than previously thought. The clean-up crews are there, but there was so much water damage. I lost so many resources as did other teachers. The students desks were affected, too, as far as contents. We are in strong need of paper, pencils, folders, picture books, and BIG books."

According to Bolstad, about three foot of water rushed through the school. When the water receded, mud and major destruction was left behind.

Mrs. Beerman asked Bolstad what Fulda Elementary School could do to help. Robert Weathersby, Eastlawn Elementary School's principal, happy to hear about the fund raiser, specifically mentioned the need to replace accelerated reader books.

Staff at Fulda Elementary have planned a fun week for the Eastlawn Elementary School fund raiser.

Boys will compete against girls. Containers will be available that separate the donations. Donation canisters will be available (for the public to use) in the Fulda Elementary School office and can be brought into the office and given to administrative assistant, Mrs. Carol Koster.

Mrs. Beerman asks that the Fulda community get involved in the fund raiser by "hiring" the elementary students to do jobs around the house or yard, allowing them to earn the donations they give, although any donations are welcome.

Please talk to your Fulda Elementary Student about this fund raiser for Eastlawn Elementary School. The students' excitement at helping elementary students in Pascagoula, Mississippi, is contagious.

Look to the The Fulda Free Press in future issues for the results of the fund raiser.

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