Bleacher Views by Les Knutson

Oh, these wonderful long days of June!

Each day — ever since mid-December — the sun is ‘coming up’ earlier and ‘setting’ later. Each day is a little (with daylight) ‘longer’ than the day before. Unfortunately, the “peak” will be here next week — Sunday to be exact — then each day will start to get ‘shorter’ as the sun rises later and sets earlier, and earlier. 

It’s amazing how in June, it’s still light out until after 9 p.m. But in December, it’s dark by five! 

I like, most of you, prefer June to December. 

This past Sunday, amateur baseball swung back into action with three games at Adrian and one in Heron Lake. So, finally, area sports are happening again. We certainly hope that this trend can continue?

At Laker Field in Heron Lake, the host Lakers claimed a 6-3 lead, but the visiting Jackson Bulls rallied with a seven-run sixth inning and, later extended their 10-6 advantage into an 18-7 eight-inning victory.

At Adrian, the host A’s defeated Mountain Lake 4-0 in the opener to start their season with an impressive win. In the second game of the trifecta, the Hadley Buttermakers posted a huge 15-2 victory over Mountain Lake, before Hadley and Adrian finished off the day with a one-sided 17-1 win by the Buttermakers.

Hadley’s Nick Bruning had a big day at the plate, lifting the ball over the fence twice for a pair of three-run homers in the contest against the A’s.

A big crowd will be expected in Hadley this coming Sunday when the Buttermakers host Ruthton.

Heron Lake will host both Windom (noon) and Lamberton (4 p.m.) the same day. Between those two games, Lamberton and Windom square off at 2 p.m. 

While, the amateur players — who spend money to play — are back in action, the highly-paid Major League players are still squabbling over how much money they will get for a proposed shortened season. Maybe they should go out and get a “real job” for a few months and then maybe they would decide that what their owners are offering is a really a dang good option and they should “jump on” the opportunity that is being presented to them?

Enjoy these “long days” of June!!

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