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Jasmine Lund joins peace corps

By: Norma Dittman, staff writer

April 23, 2004

Jasmine Lund 
 Fulda Free Press/Norma Dittman
Fulda Free Press/Norma Dittman
Jasmine Lund
Setting goals and achieving them are a part of living.
Setting goals and achieving them are a part of living.

For Jasmine Lund, a 1998 Fulda High School graduate, a life-time goal has been to travel and work overseas. Jasmineleft on Friday for a two-year commitment with the Peace corps and will be living and working in Bulgaria.

After graduation from high school, Jasmine attended Bethel College and graduated in 2002. She worked until this past December as a youth counselor in Esterville, Iowa. Leaving her position at that time, allowed her to travel with her family to India. Upon returning to the states from India, Jasmine has been working as a substitute teacher and doing various cleaning jobs.

With the goal of traveling and working overseas one of prominence, Jasmine had applied to the Peace Corps one year ago in February. Her application was accepted and Jasmine interviewed in Minneapolis.

Jasmine's next step to becoming a Peace Corps volunteer was to submit to the long list of physical examinations that are required.

Finally, Jasmine had completed each necessary step required and the waiting began...waiting to learn where she would be going and waiting to hear when she would be leaving to begin her term with the Peace Corps.

In February, Jasmine learned that she would be going to Bulgaria. bulgaria is in easter Europe. It is north of Greece and south of romania.

When Jasmine left this past Friday, she traveled to Minneapolis to board a flight for Chicago. From Chicago, she flew to Sofia, bulgaria.

Later this week, Jasmine will meet her first host family, whom she will reside with until July. During this period of time, she will be training as a Peace corps volunteer as well as learning the Bulgarian language.

When her training is completed, Jasmine will be placed either with another host family or in an apartment in whatever town she is assigned to in Bulgaria. Her job will be to teach primary English to second through eighth grade students. She will also be working on another Peace Corps project, but will learn more about this assignment later.

"Bulgaria is very warm in the summer and very cold in the winter; much like Minnesota," Jasmine stated. She was instructed to bring clothing that will take her from one extreme to the next.

Other items that Jasmine packed in her two suitcases were: tools for teaching primary English, a few cooking utensils and spices that she enjoys but may not be able to purchase in Bulgaria.

"Peace corps has made it possible for me to travel and work overseas," Jasmine said. "I've always wanted to go overseas and I don't think bulgaria will be my last trip,"

Jasmine has established a web site where she may be contacted in Bulgaria. It is:

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