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Fulda Raiders get the jump on the Jaguars 52-8

September 26, 2012

by Michelle Hart, Sports Writer
Raiders received the ball and Zach Holt returned the ball for 21 yards. Todd Peterson connected with Zach Holt for a 78 yard pass/run touchdown at 10:25. Mason Trejo got the two point conversion. John Getting intercepted the ball to put it in Raiders hands. Mason Trejo caught and ran a 31 yard play. John Getting then caught another ball from Todd Peterson for a 31 yard touchdown. John Getting also got the two point conversion. Trevor Ruesch recovered a Jaguar fumble. Raiders marched down to the one yard line. Zach Holt ran in the ball for six and Todd Peterson ran in the two point conversion. Only after a couple of plays from the Jaguars, Nathan Getting intercepted the ball. Todd Peterson passed the ball to Trevor Ruesch for 20 yard down to RCW's eight yard line. RCW's defense held the Raiders at the 3 yard line and took over on downs. In the second quarter at 3:55 RCW made a 55 yard touchdown. Their two point conversion was also good. With 0.22 seconds left in the half Todd Peterson ran in an 8 yard touchdown. Zach Holt ran in the two point conversion. To begin the second half Zach Holt kicked off for the Raiders. Brock Burchill intercepted the ball with the tip from John Getting and ran to the Raiders 21 yard line. John Getting caught and ran the ball for a 43 yard gain. Trevor Ruesch ran in a 1 yard touchdown. RCW was making yards then Nathan Getting got his hands on the ball and ran for 25 yards down to the Jaguars 30 yard line. At 4:07 Zach Holt got a four yard touchdown. Holt also gained the two point conversion. After the kick RCW tried to get mojo going but Brock Burchill snatched the ball at the Raiders 24 yard line. John Getting and Todd Peterson connected once again making a huge 76 yard touchdown. For most of the fourth quarter the Raiders had in their junior varsity. The junior varsity had some good plays and held the grass in place. Raiders had a successful night on offense and will be looking to continue their winning streak when they face HBC Friday night.

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