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Rebel boys earn fourth; girls take second at BOLD Cross Country meet

October 11, 2012

By: Sean Solheim
The Rebel Cross Country team made the trip up to Olivia this past week BOLD cross country meet. The temperature for the meet was frigid, which gave the Rebels a little extra motivation to run faster and keep warm.

Brendan Tjeerdsma was the first runner on MCC’s side to compete and he was in the Junior High mile run. During the race, Tjeerdsma was keeping pace with GFW’s Ryan Albrecht, as well as Redwood Valley’s Shane Liebl. When all the runners came around towards the finish line, Tjeerdsma was seen about in the middle of the pack. The official time for the race was not taken correctly, so Tjeerdsma just went for placing. He was able to place in 14th.

After a couple races in between, the Varsity girls began their warm ups, and moved quickly to keep warm in the cool temperatures. When the race began, it was hard running the whole way. In the 4K race, Bethany Rosemeier of Benson took the lead and never looked back for the entire race. Melissa Gehl took to the lead for the Rebels and she was able to stay near the top of the pack for a while. As the race went on, Gehl slowed just a bit, but still was able to hold onto a top five spot. At the end of the race, Gehl turned the jets on just like she usually does in the final 100 meters and went on to claim fifth place in the race with a time of 17:44. Sariah Cheadle was not far behind Gehl. In between her and Gehl was just one runner, but the time difference was spread out a bit. Larissa Halstead of GFW finished ahead of Cheadle, and finished nine seconds faster than her. Cheadle was still able to claim seventh place with a time of 17:58. Shortly after, Maddie Dibble and Lizzette Garza finished back to back for the Rebels. Dibble, in her first season in cross country, dashed to a 12th place overall finish and was clocked at 18:19. Garza did finish directly behind Dibble in 13th place, and she was able to hold off Samantha Herman of Benson with a time of 18:39. Breanna Breberg trotted across the finish line in a comfortable spot. She finished 17th in the race and had a time of 19:30. Jamie Schnoor was the final Rebel runner to cross the finish line and she was able to finish 21st with a time of 20:20.

The girls team was able to place second in the meet with 45 points, their best score from this season. Benson took the team title in the meet with 23 overall points.

Just like the girls race, the boys had a quick warm up to keep warm for the start of the 5K run. The runners were off at the sound of the gun, and Andy Garza led the way for the Rebels. For a while, Garza was keeping pace with the lead runners, but slightly fell back later on. Even though he fell back a bit, the runners at the top were not out of his sights. Tyler Dummer of GFW led the runners around the course in Olivia with his teammate, Tyler Sassenberg behind him. At the end of the race, Dummer pulled away a bit and won the race comfortably with a time of 17:54 in the 5K. Andy Garza made a run at Springfield’s Issac Kirschstein for third place, but just was edged out. Even though he got edged at the last second, the fourth place finish is his best of the season and he had a time of 18:17. Senior Aaron Boock was the next Rebel runner to cross the finish line, but it took a little while to see him. It was almost one minute later when Boock came across the finish line comfortably in 16th place. His time was 19:10. Jack Erickson also was able to finish the race with room to spare as he placed 20th overall. His time was 19:40. Almost another minute later, Markus Drealan and Jacob Boerboom finished one right after another in 31st and 32nd place. Drealan’s time was 20:25 and Boerboom’s time was 20:30. Kole Kramer, another Senior on the Rebel roster, finished 36th overall and had a time of 20:48. Chris Ellens was clocked with a time of 20:55 in 39th place and Michael Vander Wal rounded out the field for the Rebels with a 21:54 time.

As a team, the Rebels finished in fourth with a 101 points and edged out RCW/MACCRAY as they had 103. GFW took the team title for the boys side with 31 points.

The Rebels will compete in Adrian on Tuesday, October 9th.

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