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A blessed arrival - Emery Porth now at home, benefit set for October 28

October 11, 2012

	Greg and Megan Porth are pictured above with their new daughter, Emery Ray, who arrived on August 8, 2012. Emery was four pounds, eight ounces, when she was born, two months early. 
 Fulda Free Press Carol Schreiber
Fulda Free Press Carol Schreiber
Greg and Megan Porth are pictured above with their new daughter, Emery Ray, who arrived on August 8, 2012. Emery was four pounds, eight ounces, when she was born, two months early.
by Carol Schreiber
Nearly 15 weeks were spent in the hospital for Megan Porth and her daughter, Emery Ray. Megan and Greg Porth brought home their baby daughter, Emery Ray, on Friday, September 21.

“Things have been going well since we got home,” Megan shared. Getting into the routine of having a baby in the house is a blessing for this couple, and they are enjoying every minute of it. “We’ve been overwhelmed, by the thoughts, prayers, support, gifts and help we have received,” Megan said. “Thank you to everyone!”

Born on August 8 at 1:35 a.m., Emery weighed four pounds, eight ounces, and was 17.1 inches long. She arrived early, as her actual due date was October 7. Megan was 31 weeks pregnant at the time of Emery’s arrival.

A benefit is being planned to help with the expenses involved in the extended hospital stay. A free will donation pancake breakfast and silent auction will be on Sunday, October 28, at the Heron Lake Elementary School.

Megan went into early labor at the beginning of June, and was admitted to Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls on June 9, where she remained until after Emery was born. Emery remained in the hospital for several weeks in the neo-natal intensive care unit before coming home September 21.

Now at seven pounds, nine ounces, little Emery is “growing amazingly fast,” according to Megan. There have not been any major health issues, although the Porths will have to take some extra precautions. “She is more susceptible to getting sick, especially RSV,” Megan said. “The doctors have told us to keep her inside.”

Also, with premature births, Megan pointed out the need for future developmental check-ups. “Prematures babies can sometimes fall behind in developmental areas, so they will do check-ups,” she explained.

The birth of this baby has been long awaited by the Porths, and Megan in particular. Three times before, there had been devastating losses of babies who would have been Emery’s siblings. Her story is shared on her Caring Bridge website.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported Greg and me through my pregnancy and the birth of little Emery.” Megan said. “Emery is our little miracle and we could not be happier. The joy she brings us is amazing and we love her more and more everyday!”

Many times, premature babies are kept in the NICU until their original due date. A multitude of tests were completed, as Emery grew over the six weeks she was in the hospital. With Emery’s due date of October 7, that date was kept in mind for Megan and Greg. As it turned out, Emery was able to come home early, coming home at six weeks of age.

Megan and Greg are adapting well to having a baby in the house, something they have waited for many years to arrive. Their families, too, rejoice in the arrival of Emery. Megan’s parents are Mike and Nancy Horkey, and Greg is the son of Ron and Carol Porth, all of Heron Lake.

The community of Heron Lake is joining to help plan a benefit to help the Porth family with the enormous medical expenses incurred through the long hospitalizations of both Megan and Emery. “Being part of a small community is definitely a plus,” Megan said.

The benefit breakfast of pancakes, sausages, eggs and beverages will be on Sunday, October 28, at the elementary school in Heron Lake. Serving, by the Heron Lake Fire Department members, is from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

A silent auction will also be held, with a wide variety of items available.

Donations may also be sent to the Commercial Bank of Minnesota, PO Box 258, Heron Lake, MN 56137.

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