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Murray County Board of Commissioners - Variety of topics on commissioners agenda

October 11, 2012

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
A request was made by Luther Tostengaard to the Murray County Board of Commissioners to move the spoils from the clean up of County Ditch #4 in Dovray Township. However, in a phone call to the auditor, Dean Warner requested the county NOT move the spoils. The controversy may be related as to the equipment to be used. The DNR will also be consulted as it affects a wetland area. The board tabled their decision until the October 16 meeting after viewing the project.

The board approved a transfer for liquor and dance licenses for Breezy Point and Breezy Barn due to change in ownership. The usual fee for transfer was waived because of the short time until the licenses are to be renewed.

The final plat for Rosemary Beach Third Addition was approved. The area is in the southwest corner of Valhalla Island. Appreciation was expressed for a good working relationship with the Thompson family.

The board continued discussion of ways to lower the employee family insurance cost for the coming year. No decision is coming until the final budget is set.

Final payment of $3,717.19 was made to Traffic Marking Service, Inc. for striping of county roads this past season.

A written report was presented by Dan Peterson, director of End-O-Line Park. There were 757 tours by 3,276 people. Grand total income to the park was $18,110.77 which included admissions, gift shop, donations and sales. Peterson said the museum and park was drastically improved as the numbers also show.

One quote was received for the security fence at the Fulda Radio Tower area. Lindberg Construction submitted the quote of $9,850 for demo and removal of five trees, landscape, and building the fence with a gate. Sheriff Telkamp was questioned if the school had been made aware of the fence to be constructed and if the fence would infringe on school property. He assured them this was taken care of in the original construction of the tower.

Justin Hoffman, parks director was instructed to include all repairs (roof repair, electrical and tree removal) of the fish house at Lake Shetek for insurance purposes. Jerome Schreier will do the repair work.

Two quotes were opened for the construction of a sidewalk between buildings at the fairgrounds. The low quote of $5,019 from Joe Schreier was approved. Construction has a completion date of October 31, 2012.

A request for use of the 4-H building for a company picnic on November 3 was honored with the conditional use that a catered service with a liquor license be hired for the event.

Chris Hansen presented the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources Natural Resources Block Grant agreement for signature. The grant is $87,131 with a county match of $5,219.00. This annual grant is similar to other years.

Jim Reinert was given permission to pursue acquiring wireless connection between the highway department and the government center and the possibilities of including the Human Services building at a later date. A 15th break even date is expected.

Attorney Paul Malone advised the board to prepare a resolution in a class action litigation against Freddy Mae and Freddy Mac.

A permit of clean out of County Ditch #35 in Lime Lake Township, Sections 20, 9 and 16.

The motor pool has a 1995 Crown Victoria for sale. A 1998 Dodge Caravan is to be moved from the motor pool to the Environmental Office.

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