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November 17, 2012

by Wilma Lindquist
This is the second in a series of articles honoring our families during National Family Month and supplied by the Fulda Reading Club.

Take Time for Respect

by: Wilma Lindquist

Recently, I saw two attention getting commercials on television depicting family situations.

In the first one a child is wanting attention and the parent puts him off with - I’m too busy at this time-response. The child looks dejected and walks away.

The second commercial has a child poised on the side of a pool with the parent coaxing her to jump in and he will be there. Just trust me. The child jumps into the parents waiting arms with a big splash. Many parents can relate to these scenarios.

The first message that is given is one of learning to respect each others right to attention and understanding also the importance of completing a task. Taking the time to calmly explain both issues is where the responsibility lies. The second message is one of trust and appreciation which must be earned.

Young people are watching for our non-verbal messages just to see how we react to world news, the death of a friend or the perpetuation of some gross injustice and they will reflect our reactions.

This past week was election day. The reaction of adults to the news of who will run our country for the next four years will be joyous and sad but the lesson to teach is respect for our country and its peoples voice. The importance given to the young is to be one of a good citizen tomorrow.

Two weeks ago two men died in South Dakota that were revered by many - Senator George McGovern and Indian activist Russell Means. Television can teach us many things both good and bad and this lesson in respect and honor that was given to the dead was praise worthy.

Sports are great to enjoy but some people exhibit too much excitement and may send an inappropriate message of disrespect to the observing child as well as other adults. The referee may make a wrong call but life shows us many injustices and the ability to control our reactions sensibly denotes a mature outlook in which our children need to observe and learn to practice.

Our intentions are great and we truly plan to put them into action but such things as lack of time, interruptions or just plain laziness hinder them from coming to realization. This tells us that it is time to stop and take stock of what we think is important.

A phone call, a note or card, a visit would probably be important not only to the person receiving them but it also benefits the giver. A greeting of “hello”, a smile or a hug just might change a persons attitude for the day.

So what is the big thing in life that we need to address - TIME -. We are all given the same 24 hours each day whether old or young to do what we deem most important.

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