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November 21, 2012

by Shar Rindfleisch
Happy Birthday to Donna Karschnik, Robin Gehl, Denise Schreier, Scott Reinke, Ben Bogenhagen, Shannon Welling and Kathy Bauermeister on the 20th, Jane Johnson, Paige Gehl, Brittany Zins, and Jeff Bullerman on the 26th, and Sonda Kass on the 28th! Happy Birthday to everyone else celebrating a birthday this week!

Sunday worship services at the First Lutheran Church in Dundee now start at 10:30 am.

Thank you to the coaches and the SWU football team for holding their football awards banquet at the Dundee Steakhouse on Friday afternoon!

Congratulations to Kurt Schmitz on receiving, All Conference and MVP player, and Erik and Justin Jass for receiving Honorable Mention All Conference for the SWU football team!

Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch, Erik and Justin Jass attended the MN West girls basketball game in Worthington on Thursday evening.

Randy and Shar Rindfleisch visited with Kirsten Hanson, Hawaii, on Friday evening at the Dundee Steakhouse.

Bill Leopold, Willmar and Bruce Rindfleisch, Austin, visited at the Joyce Speth home on Thursday.

Rita Mills, Little Canada, and Joyce Speth enjoyed supper at the Dundee Steakhouse on Sunday evening.

Russell, Elliot, and Allie Gehl, Cottage Grove, were Sunday overnight guests at the the Duane and Shari Gehl home.

Glenn and Elsie Gustafson attended the funeral for Carol Olson in Slayton.

Monday, Elsie Gustafson attended the Armistice Legion and Auxiliary program.

Elsie Gustafson attended the Sunday evening worship and supper at the First Lutheran Church in Dundee.

Loren and Lana Heger attended the Thanksgiving supper and worship services at the Dundee First Lutheran Church on Sunday evening.

Gary Henkels, Columbus, OH, Scott and Jamie and kids, Charlotte, NC, Randy Hiben and Meriam Henkels, Crystal, arrived at the Clara Henkels home on Sunday.

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