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Meet Exchange Student Viktor Toth

November 29, 2012

Viktor Toth 
 Fulda Free Press Norma Dittman
Fulda Free Press Norma Dittman
Viktor Toth
By Norma Dittman
Viktor Toth is a young man who has the desire to learn to fluently speak the English lanaguage. Because of that he applied to the Education First Study Abroad Program and achieved the right to participate in an exchange student program. He is studying as a senior at Fulda High School for the 2012-2013 school year.

Toth is the son of Angelika and Zoltan Toth. He has one younger sister, Nicol. The Toth family lives in Kolarovo, Slovakia, population 12,000. Slovakia is a small country in the middle of Europe. “It has a lot of nice things to see and places to visit. There are towers and castles and mountains for skiing. It is very beautiful,” Toth commented.

Toth attends a gymnasium in Komarno, Slovakia which is a school with 300 students. “It is different because it is bigger. We have longer breaks between the class periods. It was really interesting to get used to the short three minute breaks at Fulda High School,” Toth said. “At school in Slovakia, our class schedules rotates and we study twelve subjects.” The classes in Toth’s school include three language classes. Their math classes cover a wide spectrum of methodologies of math. All of the high school sciences are taught, as well.

On Toth’s trip to the United States, he reached Frankfurt, Germany, and was sent back to Slovakia due to the fact that some of his travel papers were not quite in order. “I really didn’t understand what was happening with the papers and I was in Germany and I don’t speak German. Luckily, the staff at the airport speak English, so I tried my English and they were able to send me back to Slovakia,” Toth explained. He received help from the US Embassy to get his paperwork in order for travel.

His travel was then from Austria, to Frankfurt, Germany, to Washington, D.C., to Chicago and then on to Sioux Falls.

When asked about his classes at Fulda High School, Toth said that he is taking American History, Chemistry, Year Book, British Literature, Physics, and Biology. He played football and is on the boys basketball team. He is considering being part of the FHS track team.

Toth’s hobbies include archery, fishing, and hunting. He is living with Brian and Sonda Kass, Dundee, MN, and has kept the family feasting on walleye since he arrived in Dundee. He went deer hunting this past weekend and although the hunt was unsuccessful, he plans to try again.

Kass’ asked that Toth tell about his carp fishing in Slovakia. Apparently, Viktor lives on the seventh floor of an apartment complex. He enjoys fishing for carp which he cleans in his mother’s kitchen. With a wide grin, Viktor said that the carp is drenched in flour, dipped in beaten eggs, breaded and then fried. “It is very good!” he exclaimed.

He plans to cook a meal of fried carp for the Kass family in the near future.

“I’ve wanted to come to the United States since my childhood. I am very glad that I am able to have this experience,” Toth stated.

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