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Thousands raised for National Parkinsons Foundation Minnesota

December 20, 2012

Coach Carroll Honored... 
Coach Carroll Honored...
By Norma Dittman
There’s a special chair that is reserved at every home game in the Fulda High School gymnasium especially for former Raider Coach Harvey Carroll. Coach Carroll doesn’t miss a game. Even though he no longer teaches or coaches for the Fulda School District, he is still dedicated to the school, its students, and the Fulda community.

Saturday night was no expection to the rule. Coach Carroll was present in his reserved chair. But Saturday night was no ordinary night of basketball, either. With a girls-boys double-header scheduled with Luverne, the night had been set aside as a tribute to Coach Carroll. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2005. The event was a night of raising funds for the National Parkinson’s Foundation Minnesota.

Saturday’s events included a free-will donation meal of pulled pork sandwiches, chips, and bars. There was also a raffle, a silent auction, and the sale of t-shirts that stated “Support Cure Advocate; Parkinson’s Disease Awareness.”

Coaches Colby Pack, Gregg Slaathaug, and Steve Kellen were the organizers for the Coaches vs. Parkinson’s event. Coach Pack is no stranger to fund raising. “I’ve done these raffles before; I have a nephew with Downs Syndrome and we’ve had auctions, so I had a few email connections that I made contact with. It’s one of those things where we probably sent 300 letters and 400 emails. I really don’t want to lick another envelope for a very long time,” Coach Pack said, as he grinned. “It may have been time-consuming but it was very well worth it.”

Coach Carroll began teaching and coaching in the Fulda School District in 1980. He taught sixth grade along with being the head coach or assistant coach for basketball, football and track.

On Saturday evening, with the girls game just at an end, Coach Carroll could have no doubts about how his former students (some had flown in from Seattle and Boston for Saturday’s event) and members of the Fulda community feel about him. As it was announced that the break between games would be a time of honoring Coach Carroll, the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Coach Brad Holinka paid a great tribute to Coach Carroll when he stated, “Harvey Carroll has left a lasting impression. Our community, all the coaches around the area, everybody knows Harvey. We are all very, very proud, Harvey, to have you as a friend and call you a friend. Everyone in here can attest to that. You truly are an inspiration to anyone you’ve ever been associated with.”

Twelve thousand dollars were raised during the event that will be presented to the National Parkinson’s Foundation Minnesota.

“This far exceeded our expectations,” Coach Slaathaug stated. “The best part of the whole evening was seeing the smile on Harvey’s face and watching him as he raised his plaque in the air. That smile made it all very worthwhile.”

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