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Henry (Hinie) Magnus retires from Murray County Fair Board

December 20, 2012

Henry Magnus 
 Fulda Free Press Norma Dittman
Fulda Free Press Norma Dittman
Henry Magnus
By Norma Dittman
When he retired in 1994 from working as a custodian for 22 years for the Fulda School Distrit, Henry (Hinie) Magnus was ready to do many of the “other” things that were put off during his working years.

Soon after retirement, he found himself nominated to be a member of the Murray County Fair Board. That nomination led to being elected and then serving as a board member for the past eighteen years.

Many changes have occurred on the fair grounds during those eighteen years. “The 4-H building was a vast improvement to the fairgrounds,” Magnus said. “With the kitchen and dining area, the building is used throughout the year for a large variety of activities and meetings. Our Fair board office is in there, too. It is a wonderful asset.”

Along with the 4-H building, a hoop barn has been constructed, as well as a hog barn. The round barn was remodeled, and a horse barn and arena were constructed which is not only used for Fair activities, but also for the Draft Horse Show.

“We have one of the best fairs in this area and we can be proud of all the activities that are scheduled,” Magnus commented. “At our fair, there is something for everyone.”

This year, the Murray County Fair offered many new events, such as the Lumberjack Show and the Chuck Wagon, which were secured by the Murray County Fair Board through grants.

Talking about his decision to retire from the fair board, Magnus stated, “I’m 84 years old and it is time to let some one else sit on the Board in my place. Change is good because new ideas are brought to the table.”

Magnus, who enjoys woodworking, will continue to pursue that craft. He began making art from wood when he retired in 1994. “Actually, I did some of it before retirement, but really started doing more of it after I retired,” Magnus said.

His workshop is in the basement of the Magnus home. “It’s gets a bit dusty down here, but that doesn’t matter. Marlene (Henry’s wife) stains or paints everything that I make. She’s really good at it.”

Currently gracing one wall of the Magnus living room is a wooden nativity picture. Some of the pieces of the picture are stained a darker shade than others which adds depth. “There are over 120 pieces there. You cut them out separately and then put them together like a puzzle,” Magnus explained.

Magnus also still acts as a volunteer driver who takes people to doctors appointments.

“I stay busy enough,” Magnus said with a grin. “Even so, I still plan on going up to the fair grounds a few days before the Murray County Fair opens to help with set-up. There is a lot of work with that and I am sure that the help will be appreciated.”

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