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Four Fulda FFA members awarded Blue Jackets from the Minnesota FFA Foundation

December 20, 2012

FFA Advisor Kelsey Carlson, Cody Froderman, Austin Blesi and Taylor Schettler 
 Fulda Free PRess Darcy Uttech
Fulda Free PRess Darcy Uttech
FFA Advisor Kelsey Carlson, Cody Froderman, Austin Blesi and Taylor Schettler
Cody Froderman, Austin Blesi and Taylor Schettler
The Minnesota FFA Foundation is pleased to announce the presentation of the official FFA jacket to three members of the Fulda FFA Chapter. Cody Froderman, Austin Blesi and Taylor Schettler have been selected to receive their own jacket.

Nearly 450 applications were submitted for the Blue Jackets Bright Futures program with only 100 recipients being selected. Applicants submitted an essay detailing their future plans for FFA and why they deserved to win a free FFA jacket.

As Minnesota FFA welcomes thousands of young people into membership, the Minnesota FFA Foundation has announced the recipients of the Blue Jacket Bright Futures program. The program provides sponsored FFA jackets to Minnesota youth who are starting their FFA career. This is the fourth year the Minnesota FFA Foundation has offered the program. “This program is valuable as it provides students with a jacket for their FFA involvement. Having a jacket provides a real sense of pride,” states Minnesota FFA's Leadership Development Coordinator, Leah Addington. “FFA plays an important role in the development of leaders that serve their local school and the agricultural community as a whole.”

“The jacket is a symbol of tradition and pride for those who have worn the official FFA jacket. Many past members have sponsored jackets, but it's not uncommon for individuals and companies to sponsor jackets because they appreciate what the organization does to develop young leaders,” says Val Aarsvold, Minnesota FFA Foundation Executive Director.

For more information about the Minnesota FFA Foundation's Blue Jacket Bright Futures program, contact Executive Director Val Aarsvold at 507-534-0188 or visit our website at .

Congratulations to Cody Froderman, Austin Blesi and Taylor Schettler for being awarded this prestigious honor!

Froderman, Blesi and Schettler each stated in their essays that they felt the ownership of an FFA jacket would give representation to the Fulda Chapter, encourage their participation in the organization and perhaps encourage others to become a member of FFA.

The Minnesota FFA Foundation partners with individuals and businesses to provide resources that promote and enhance premier leadership, personal growth and career success for Minnesota youth in Agricultural Education.

Two of the Blue Coat essays were available at print time;

Austin Blesi

Ag Introduction 9th

I feel that I need an FFA jacket because it would better represent myself in aricultural related activities such as FFA and helping with other community projects. It would also represent me better in FFA competitions so people could identify me better and get to know me. It would feel great to have one because I do not have one yet and to have one would be a great honor. When I do good, perhaps in a competition, people would know it’s me out there.

The FFA jacket would make an impact on me and others in my class or community because it would make me feel more powerful in believing in my ownership skills in taking care of it. For others it might make them want to be in FFA because of what you get out of it. An example, the knowledge skills about FFA and other agricultural pursuits as well as other skills such as mathematical skills when judging in competitions.

Since I have been involved in FFA it has given me a chance to make new friends in my community as well as other towns. I have been to one competition in Sherburn, Minnesota. It was a lot of fun! We got 9th place in the Soils competition. We had a lot of fun at the competition.

My FFA future looks like maybe owning a farm of mine or perhaps even owning a company. In my FFA future, I would like to be a FFA secretary in our chapter. It would be a great honor to have that opportunity. I would like to have a farm for the most part, it would help my community in producing crops or fresh produce such as eggs, pork, beef, corn, wheat, and beans.

Cody Froderman

Ag Introduction 9th

I feel that I need a FFA jacket because I need one because I have not yet purchased one. I also went to our Region Greenhand Day in Mountain Lake, MN. I think I need an FFA jacket because when I go to a fish and wildlife competition for me and my team. I would like to have an FFA jacket because I am working towards being a chapter officer. If I get a jacket it would teach me ownership within my chapter. I am also looking to get my Greenhand Degree. If I get my jacket I would be able to complete my Official dress.

I believe it would help me make an impact by getting my State Degree, Chapter Degree, Greenhand Degree, and my American Degree. I would also make my chapter look good and represent our chapter at a competition.

I have gone to Greenhand Day in Mountain Lake, and I also learned how to recite the FFA Creed, and the FFA Motto. We have just started practicing for the fish and wildlife competition in December.

I would like to get all of the degrees that are possible, get my Greenhand Degree, SAE’s and possibly be the creed speaker for my chapter. I would keep encouraging people to join FFA.

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