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December 25, 2012

by Irma Schwantes
With Christmas just days away, and one more deadline to face, I have had mixed feelings about what this corner should be about this week. With the tragedy of the school shootings playing across the television from one day onto the next for days on end, how was I supposed to write about the Joys of Christmas, when my heart was so touched by the utter insanity of the actions of a very young man in another state?

So I decided to go with the plan I already had before this happened. I had been reading the letters to Santa in one of the newspaper specials, wondering what I would wish for from Santa if I were still writing such letters. So here's my wish for a happy Christmas.

About that time I changed the Channel, turning to one of the church channels, my thoughts turned back to those twenty little children who had been viciously shot with great abandon, looking for answers. We all know that every person on earth is here for a purpose. It boggled my mind, how could this tragedy be a purpose, for such tiny tots to die? From somewhere deep within my heart came an answer, "perhaps they were needed in Heaven due to a shortage of little angels".

I thought on that for awhile, picturing all those twenty children along with some of their teachers, forming a chorus up in heaven, voices rising above the chaos of the world, "Joy to the World," they sang with happiness flowing across and above the clouds of sadness down below.

Perhaps, I thought, maybe this could really be. Maybe this could lead to a new awakening for the citizens of the world, there have been way to many of these random shootings. There should be stricter gun laws, cabinets that need to be locked with a key, a key that would be kept in the control of the registered owner at all times. And only owners that have been checked for past offenses would be eligible to become registered owners. Guns that were made for military or war usage should not be in the possession of collectors or even hunters of game. Well, I don't know much about guns since I have lived my entire life, even as a youngster, my father or brothers never owned guns nor did my husband or my sons. I have always, almost 90 years now, lived in a home without any guns, and have never felt the need for even one. So that is my first wish that somehow, someday, guns would be just a memory not something we need to fear. And it all begins with LOVE.

"These three things continue forever: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is LOVE. 1 Corinthians13;13 NIV

We have been taught from childhood onward about love. "To love our neighbors as ourselves." Remember, "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" -- John 3; 16 NIV

The next thing I would wish would be for more compassion across the world. An end to rushing into wars, we cannot afford them, they take too large a toll on lives and finances. Let us love our enemies as God first loved us. "Turn the other cheek".

I would also wish for greater understanding of the wealthy folks, wondering why they have such a difficult time paying a fair share of taxes, isn't that what our government operates on?? Haven't we all paid our share of taxes through our working years?

And a kind of selfish wish I have had for some time now...

A long time wish has been that someone would build another home for us elderly. There is that nice area of town over there on the west side, streets, sewer water everything has been put in and those lots sit there empty while there are so many of us elderly folks hoping for a safe place to share with others. An assisted living, an apartment building with subsidized rates... many of us have home health care or housekeeping aides, but it does get kind of lonesome after your spouse or family are all gone from home and in some cases even no longer in the same town. So what are we waiting for? Maybe if we would fill that land it would catch on to also fill up our main street, our former business district.

And my last request might be for someone to talk with Jerry Johnson about taking over this corner, come on folks, men or ladies, tell us some of your stories about the farm or when you went to a country school----I'm sure there are hundreds of stories out there just waiting to be told. I'd like to read them in the Fulda Free Press.


Happy Christmas to all.

PS: I would like to send a big thank you out to all you readers who have sent cards or well wishes upon my retirement from this column. I too will miss writing this column as much as you will miss reading it.

I would also like to thank the Fulda FCCLA for the Christmas box and the Maynards gift card from the Fulda Lions. This will surely help me celebrate the Holidays!

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