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December 25, 2012

by Jerry Johnson
We are looking at the end of another year. With the few days remaining in 2012 the list projects to be completed has continued to grow. Most of the have to's are done, some of the should be's and a couple of the it would be nice ifer's. the remaining projects will be shelved for more thoughts. The last group seems to be growing the fastest.

The shortest day of the year is over and we are officially in winter (you may have noticed the cold and daily snow removal). Last Friday we turned the corner and will begin to see a few more minutes of daylight each day. Of course this means we made it thru that whole Mayan calender thing on the 20th.

Our wish for the New Year is that both political parties would realize that they are working for the American public. That approach would do more to advance their party than the back stabbing, blame the other side while working towards reelection. The new year already has large issues that will be difficult on there own with out all the games that are always played.

2014 begins on a Tuesday which avoids that Monday start. Tuesday is the holiday leaving three days for work. That isn't a bad way to start a new year. Looking back over this year we are reminded of you, our readers and our advertisers, who make everything possible and enjoyable. May the new year bring health, happiness, peace and success in your endeavors.

Happy New Year!!

* * *

Ole and Lena won a contest and the prize was a trip around the world. When they arrived in Russia, they were assigned a special guide named Rudolph. As Rudolph was showing them around Red Square, it commenced to rain a bit...and then some sleet came down. “Yee viss,” exclaimed Ole, “here comes da snow.”

“Oh no, “ said Rudolph the Russian, “It is RAIN!”

“And I say it is SNOW” retorted Ole.

Lena, trying to be the diplomat said, “Now, now, Ole, calm down...after all, Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”

* * *

Have a good week!

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