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Fulda Free Press welcomes new columnist

January 10, 2013

Linda Beerman
In this week’s issue, the Fulda Free Press staff welcomes its new columnist, Linda Beerman.

“I have always enjoyed writing. I journal two or three times per week, mostly with Scriptures and devotioins, but also about family and friends. When I read in Irma Schwantes’ column that she was retiring and she was hoping that someone would step forward to write a column in place of Souvenirs, I knew I wanted to try it,” Beerman stated.

Because Beerman has always enjoyed writing, she writes at least two cards and letters to family and friends every week. “It is my gift of time to them, because I believe that by giving of our time to others is how we show love for them. That is really all that most people want or need - the gift of our time,” Beerman commented.

She is a retired school teacher who began her teaching career in 1968 with the Heron Lake, Minnesota, School District. In 1970, she and her husband, Dan moved to a farm west of Fulda and Beerman began teaching in the Fulda School District. When she sought her Master’s Degree, she took a class through the College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN, where the students were required to write reflection papers. “I found out then just how much I really enjoy writing. My columns will be about many different topics, which makes me very happy that I will not have to concentrate on same subject content, “ Beerman said.

Beerman retired from Fulda at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. She has been enjoying her flexible schedule and has been able to spend more time with Dan. The couple has been enjoying some travel time which allows them to spend time with their thirteen grandchildren. They have also visited other family members and friends.

We encourage our readers to take time to read Beerman’s column which she has entitled “Joy in the Journey”.

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