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January 24, 2013

by Shar Rindfleisch
Happy Birthday to Dwain and Wayne Koehn on the 23rd, Peggy Kilker and Brad Burdick on the 24th, Ken Vandenbosch on the 26th, Paul Knorr and Christian Bos on the 27th, Tonya Reynolds on the 28th, Tom Deuschle and Cole Sinnamon on the 29th, and my Dad, Burdell Christians, also on the 29th! Happy Birthday to everyone else celebrating a birthday this week!

Bill Speth, Windom, Darlene Farrell, Algona, IA, Bob and Darlene Speth, Sioux Falls, Terry and Louie Brukert, Lake Carol, IL, and Joyce Speth celebrated the Speth Christmas on Saturday at the Joyce Speth home.

Les Engler visited with Dick Chepa on Tuesday evening.

Friday evening, Brian Heger, Joel Heger, Bruce and Sharon Heger, Jeffers, Joan Donovan, Rice, and Loren Heger, helped Lana celebrated her birthday at the Lakeside Hideaway in Currie.

Saturday evening, Brian and Bruce Heger, and Joan Donovan were supper guests at the Loren and Lana Heger home.

Brian Heger, Joan Donovan and Mary Lee Hemmen, rural Dundee, were Sunday brunch guests at the Lorena and Lana Heger home.

Elsie Gustafson attended bible study at the Dundee First Lutheran Church on Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday evening, Maddie Rasche, Worthington, Kaleen Christians, Fulda, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch attended the SWU boys basketball game in Lamberton.

Friday evening, Sheila Crowley and Kaleen Christians, Fulda, Maddie Rasche, Randy, Shar, and Sierra Rindfleisch attended the SWU boys basketball game in Round Lake.

Sunday afternoon, Burdell and Kaleen Christians, David McBride, and Don Rolph, Fulda, Maddie Rasche, Betty Rindfleisch, Dustin Rindfleisch, Heron Lake, Heather Peter, Marshall, Erik and Justin Jass, and Shar Rindfleisch helped Sierra Rindfleisch celebrate her birthday at the Dundee Steakhouse.

Melissa Kramer, Iona, was a supper guest at the James and Robin Gehl home on Friday evening.

Saturday evening, Dave, Sheila, Christian, and Kamaria Bos were supper guests at the James and Robin Gehl home.

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