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January 24, 2013

Will Gehl works to get control of his opponent during action with Pipestone Area last Thursday night. 
 FULDA FREE PRESS/Sheila Crowley
Will Gehl works to get control of his opponent during action with Pipestone Area last Thursday night.
Ben Blanchette, right, attempts to get is opponent on his back 
Ben Blanchette, right, attempts to get is opponent on his back
Pipestone - Plum Creek Tournament - Minneota
Fulda/MCC Warriors battle with Pipestone Area Arrows on parent’s night By: Sean Solheim

Murray County News Sports

With the season drawing closer and closer to the end, the Warriors were able to host another meet in Slayton before that time expired. The Pipestone Area Arrows traveled to Slayton to take on the Warriors, and they competed against one another in front of all the parents of the Warriors team as they honored them with Parent’s night.

To start the night, the Junior Varsity team took to the mat for a few individual matches. Jon Sweetman kicked it off by earning himself a quick pin against Luiz Martinez with 33 seconds left in the first period. Garock Gatchay was also able to earn a pin for the Warriors as he did so in just 25 seconds into the first period agianst Dylan Arndt. Later in the match, Sweetman had to wrestle again since there were more J.V. members on the Arrows’ side, and he was matched up with Josh Agresto for his second match. Just like the first Sweetman wasted no time in earning himself the pin to defeat Agresto.

After a short intermission and after all the parents that lined the walls of the gym floor were honored, the Varsity took to the mat. Unfortunately for the Warriors, Pipestone Area came ready to wrestle and were a tough opponent all match. In the first match, Jon Gehl had a tough time scoring points agianst Garrett Ploeger, and in the end, Gehl fell by decision, 6-0. Clayon Hartle also had a tough time getting points against his opponent, Michael Suda in the 113 pound class. Suda was all over Hartle from the start and was up 17-3 in the third period. Hartle’s energy wore down and with just over a minute left in the period, Suda put the pin on Hartle. It wasn’t until the 126 pound class when Ben Blanchette get the Warriors their first points of the night. Blanchette struggled right away as his opponent, Jacoby Hunt, was able to earn himself five points before Blanchette earned one on an escape late in the first. The tides turned in the second when Blanchette started the match on the mat, and within ten seconds, he was given a reverse to close the gap to 5-3. Just less than a minute later, Blanchette had Hunt on his back and the ref began his count and got to five. The pin call was never given, but Blanchette was awarded three points for a near fall, which put him in the lead 6-5. In the final seconds of the second, Blanchette had another chance to pin Hunt, and he did with 18 seconds left in the second.

A couple forfieted matches, a pin and a decision helped Pipestone increase their lead as a team to 35-6 before Ben Loosbrock took to the mat. Loosbrock was able to gain control right away in the first for two quick points, but the match remained a stale mate up until the third period. Loosbrock started the third on the mat and was able to escape the grasps of his opponent, Allan Hachman. Shortly after, Loosbrock gained control of him once again, and a stale mate was held until the final buzzer. Loosbrock took the win by decision, 5-0.

The Warriors continued to struggle against the Arrows, but Brian Behrends, who was honored before the meet for earning his 60th win over the weekend, had other ideas. Behrends was matched up with Blake Wolters in the 220 pound class, and Wolters was the one that was able to gain control right away. Late in the first, Behrends was able to switch places with Wolters and tie the match up at two points with the reverse. Nothing happened until the third period when Behrends started the third with an escape for one point. Wolters was able to get control of Behrends mid way through the bout to go up 4-3, but Behrends got that point back when he again escaped the grasps of Wolters. The buzzer sounded and an overtime was needed. In the one minute fourth, nothing happened between the two wrestlers, which forced a :30 fifth. Behrends was able to escape Wolters for one more point, but a sixth period was also needed to give Wolters a chance as well. Wolters started the period on the mat, and for 30 seconds, Behrends did everything he can to hold on to him and not let him go. The buzzer sounded with Wolters still on the mat, and Behrends was given another win in six periods.

Jared Nygaard closed out the match for the Arrows with a quick pin over Arron Benson. Pipestone Area went home with the team victory, 59-12. Fulda/MCC compete against four opponents in Tracy Plum Creek Tournament

By: Sean Solheim

Murray County News Sports

Over the weekend, the Warriors wrestling team traveled to Tracy to compete in the Plum Creek Tournament. During the day, the Warriors matched up against four teams, but individual success shined on in the tournament.

In the first round, the Warriors were matched up with Dawson Boyd/Lac Que Parle Valley. For the first part of the match, both teams were evenly matched up until some forfeits opened up the score. Tate Meyer was able to get the first win individually for the Warriors in the 120 pound class. Meyer was matched up with Cole Struxness and it took Meyer about half the match before he got himself the pin. Dalton Keeler was able to work well against Christian Thoen in the 132 pound class. Keeler wasted no time in getting the advantage right away and he kept the momentum all the way until the buzzer sounded. Keeler was able to win by decision, 8-1. Ben Blanchette for the Warriors had the closest match out of all the wrestlers in the bout with Dawson Boyd. Action Herman was Blanchette’s opponent and up until the buzzer, both wreslters were neck and neck. When the buzzer sounded, Blanchette had the slight advantage as he was able to win by decision, 11-9. Jordan Clarke later was able to get a pin against Michael Stottle, and at that point, the Warriors had the lead as a team, 19-7. Unfortunatley for the Warriors, that was short lived. In the 145 and 152 pound classes, Dalton Palmer and Keith Abraham each earned wins by forfeit, which tied the match up at 19 points. Ben Loosbrock was able to get that lead back for Fulda/Murray County Central against Joe Weeding by major decision, 9-1. For the rest of the match, it was all Dawson Boyd. They were able to go on to win as a team, 49-22 over the Warriors.

After a bye round, the Warriors were back on the mat against Minneota. The Vikings were a tough opponent for the Warriors the last time they met up, but in Tracy, only one individual won a match, and that was Ben Loosbrock. Loosbrock was matched up with Justin VanKuelen in the 160 pound match up. Loosbrock only needed 26 seconds to give the Warriors the first win of the match as he got the pin call early on. That quick pin by Loosbrock was the only win that the Warriors were able to get against the Vikings. Minneota went on to dominate the match, 58-6.

The third team that the Warriors matched up with was the host team, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove Panthers. The Warriors had better success against the Panthers than the other two teams, but still was a match with individual success.

Clayton Hartle got his first win of the tournament against the Panthers and he did so in just under a minute. Nester Perez was Hartle’s opponent and in 51 seconds, the referee blew his whistle and swatted the mat, which signaled the pin for Hartle. Blanchette later was able to get another win himself. Devin Skalak was his opponent and in 2:19, Blanchette had Skalak on his back and got the pin call. The Warrriors weren’t able to win up until the Seniors took over in the final three matches. Shay Posthuma earned his first victory of the season when he earned a major decision win over Pietro Margato, 11-0. Later, Brian Behrends added another win to his already great career with a quick, 30 second pin over Brandon Balsava, and Arron Benson was able to get a pin himself over Jake Peterson. Despite the late success in the match, the Panthers were able to top the Warriors as a team, 48-28.

The final match of the day was against the Marshall/Lakeview Tigers. The Tigers were in full control of the match and only allowed just a couple of Warrior wrestlers to win individually. Hartle was the first to do so in the match as he earned a win by decision over Kesmond Willert, 4-0. Blanchette picked up another win himself with a win by decision over Matt Facile, 9-2. After the decision, the Tigers were able to get 28 straight points off of pins and forfeited matches. Ben Loosbrock broke the streak when he pinned Garrett Maxwell in 58 seconds, but that was the last win that the Warriors were able to see. The Tigers went on to win, 66-12.

Fulda/Murray County Central will have just one match this week as they will travel to Worthington to compete in a triangular with Fairmont and the Trojans. Warriors battle with the Vikings and Cardinals at Minneota on Tuesday

By: Sean Solheim

Murray County News Sports

The Fulda/Murray County Central Warrior wrestling team entered another busy week this past week and they kicked off the week with another long travel. They traveled to Minneota to compete in a triangular event with the Vikings and the Redwood Valley Cardinals.

The Warriors started out the triangular against the Cardinals and that was a fairly even match, but it was also a very quick one. In fact, besides for five forfeits, every other match was won by a pin. Brett Olsen for the Cardinals began the bout with the first pin over Jon Gehl in the 106 pound class. After 4:41 of wrestling, Clayton Hartle was able to earn those points back for the Warriors when he pinned his opponent, Eric Bommersbac in the 113 pound class. Dillon Thooft helped the Cardinals earn the lead right back when he pinned Tate Meyer, but Ben Blanchette did the same for the Warriors when he pinned Travis Rebstock to keep the score tied at 12 points. At that point, the Cardinals jumped way ahead as they earned pin after pin, but also a couple forfeit matches put them up by a lot. The Warriors were also able to earn some points back off of forfeit matches. Ben Loosbrock and Dylan Nelson each won their matches due to the forfeit, as well as Brian Behrends in the 220 pound class. In the final match between the two teams, Arron Benson stepped up and was able to get the pin in 3:17 on his opponent Logan Zaske. Despite the late surge by the Warriors, the match concluded with the Cardinals on top, 48-36.

The second match against Minneota was not in the Warrior’s favor at all. In fact, only two wrestlers from F/MCC were able to get wins against the Vikings, when most of the others were pinned. The first Warrior win came late in the match when Ben Loosbrock took to the mat in the 160 pound class. Justin VanKuelen was his opponent and in just 35 seconds, Loosbrock had VanKuelen on his back and the ref signaled for the pin. Later, Brian Behrends stepped up against Louis Vansillia and he too was able to earn the pin. Behrends and Vansillia battled for 3:01 before Behrends was awarded with the pin and the Warriors’ second win of the match. Doug VanKuelen and Arron Benson finished off the match between the two teams and it was the closest match out of any other during the day. VanKuelen and Benson were evenly matched all the way up to when the buzzer sounded. Unfortunately for Benson, VanKuelen had the upper edge by just one point when he won by decision, 3-2.

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