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February 8, 2013

by Linda Beerman

A dentist appointment. Prayer. In my life these two things always go together! I am a believer that you can pray about ANYTHING. If I am concerned about it, even in the least little bit, then I know that my creator will show how much He cares. He will accept my worry words and my surrending them to His attention. It does not matter how huge or how petty the matter is, I am confident that my prayer will be heard.

I have prayed about some pretty unimportant things in some people's minds, but to me they were not trivial. Finding a parking spot (because I don't parallel park), locating something lost that is needed immediately, coming up with ideas for a youth group party, what to say to a sick friend, and even phone numbers or people's names when they escape my memory. Prayer can be a lifeline that gets me through some stressful situations.

This week when I went to my appointment, my dentist was amazed about a bottom, front tooth that still is tight and upright in my mouth. You see, about eleven years ago, this tooth was pronounced "dead" by a specialist in Sioux Falls. They instructed me to have it removed. A few days later, as I sat in the dentist's chair with the little paper bib around my neck, I wondered out loud why we were extracting this tooth. I told them, "It doesn't hurt, and it is not loose. Why are we taking it out?" The Dr. said we didn't have to, it was totally up to me. When I asked what would happen, he said it would just break off in the future sometime and we could repair the problem then. So off came the bib and I was out of there!

Now, all these years later when he examines me, he wonders why this tooth is still strong and not loose or gone! When I tell him I have prayed about it all of these years, he thinks I am a little crazy! He says he believes in prayer, but that this is nuts. All I say is that when it breaks off, I will be back to see him. We'll see how long I have the use of this tooth! I am very pleased it has been this long. Again, I feel it is an answer to prayer.

Long ago, when I was only about twelve years old, I was supposed to start getting braces on a Friday morning. I was scared, and so I prayed that I would not have to go to that appointment. Would you believe that my dentist DIED that Thursday night before? It is true. Then, about six months later, when my dad took me to see about braces again, the new dentist was just beginning to do that kind of work. He told my parents that I would be his first orthodontic patient. Because I would be his "guinea pig", he would do all of the work for $150.00 and add the retainer for $40.00. That is exactly what he did, and I wore the braces for about two years.

Conversing with God sometimes is not easy, and I certainly don't believe He is like a magic genie. Sometimes answers come slowly, and they don't always turn out anything like we thought. But I do believe that as long as our words are real and we hide nothing from God, he will see our inner feelings and discern our need from our greed. God is bigger than our frustrations, anger, or rebellion. Our prayers will be good, as long as we share them in faith and sincerity. I encourage you to believe and use this most powerful tool that is our gift from Him.

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