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February 8, 2013

Dear Editor:
Yes, I am still retired, but I was slightly shocked Sunday on hearing a prominent man as he took part in one of those Sunday Talk shows, where they discuss everything from guns to politicians. (And a few other things about which they have rather tinged opinions).

I don't always pay a lot of attention to them, but then he said, "an aging society with stagnant educational levels".

That one caught my attention, also getting my dander up.

Being of the "aging" society, I gave thought to some of the changes we have seen in our country through the years. We grew up during the years of the Great Depression, learning how to make a meal of potato soup and jelly bread. Getting married only to have your spouse Drafted into a War, raising your children alone until he came home after many months, having learned life's lessons in a parochial school, trying our best to do as the Ten Commandments had taught us, only to see another war.

Our country had been attacked by a few men flying our own Airplanes into our own buildings. Our answer was contrary to what we had been taught in grade school, about turning the other cheek.

The enemy had killed 3,000 people, revenge was the best answer our leaders could come up with. So we went to war, and that lead to another 3,000 or more of our armed forces to die, to say nothing of the other deaths resulting from that war. I have not yet figured out how that computes, "you do the math", didn't we hear that in the campaigns too? I could go on with more, but I"m sure you all know what condition this country has come to be. I have never in my almost 90 years heard so much disrespect for the President or even just the office of the President. Or the political exchanges that cover for investigations in Congress. I had at one time thought Senator McCain was a true Patriot, but the attitude he has adopted during the past year regarding just about any subject you could name, not to mention many others in those same offices.

To make a long opinion a little shorter, I think its time we, as a country, go back to some of the "Stagnant" learning of the olden days. When was it that God was taken out of education and everything else in our environment? Take some of the crime shows off the television, and the many sex references in movies, television or every day life. Take time to talk with your children and grandchildren, or neighbors. Take time to love the unloved, forgive the unforgiving, have a little Faith in the unfaithful. In other words, take time away from the guns, to teach the public the Real art of solving problems, turn the other cheek as the BIBLE says. Give God a chance instead of shutting Him out of our schools, of our lives and our survival. And then perhaps the world could again become a place of Peace and Love. "THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE".

Sincerely Irma Schwantes

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