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February 28, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
We are almost at the gate of March. The month will bring the changes that come with increased warmth and the awakening of nature. Spring is now a possibility. May it be a wet spring

We are just back from a short vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with temperatures in the low eighties cooling to seventy at night. It's no wonder birds migrate. We had some pretty good whale watching in Bandaras Bay second in size to the Hudson Bay.

We took side trips to Ajijic near Guadalajara. Ajijic, on the shore of Lake Chapala, has a large population of Americans and Canadians. It rates well in the world as a retirement community. The consistent weather offers beautiful days and great evenings. The variety of food and quality is offered at very low prices. The most often recommended establishment is the Tango that has great choices for a perfect meal. Much of dining is done outside with little chance of seeing a troubling insect. Minnesota has a few of those evenings but they are few. We stayed at the Hotel Casa Blanca which boasts about eight comfortable rooms run by an American who is a refugee from California. There are small shops offering everything along the streets. Driving is a bit of a challenge on the narrow streets that offer limited parking. I would go back there. We also had a short stop at Tequila, an old town made noteworthy several hundred years ago by Jose Cuervo who liked the area to raise the Blue Aguave. It was a little early for sampling but I did have the best pancakes I have ever tasted and I have had a lot of good ones.

I'm not ready to move, but Mexico does have a lot to offer. There are over 16 million Americans who have made the leap. I would miss the snow.

* * *

One day, Lena’s pastor asked, “Does Ole believe in life after death?” Lena laughted, saying, “Ole doesn’t even belive in life after supper.”

* * *

Have a good week.

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