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April 4, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
My Easter basket was toned back this year. It wasn't the bunnies fault, because of of the cold spring weather the whole egg thing must have been difficult. This week will turn out to be decent with a few days of rain. It's pretty nice to see the snow line creep steadily north leaving our yards free of snow and ice.

The film " Birds " by Alfred Hitchcock is fifty years old. The 1962 suspense mystery scared the crap out of me. I saw it on a Sunday afternoon at the Fulda theater. I was young and impressionable. Mr Fuerstenberg run the theater and the films stars were Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren and of course Suzanne Pleshette. My walk home took me through the city park on a dirt path that run corner to corner. Every bird in a hundred miles seemed to be in the park looking at me. In the movie it was the running kids that were attacked so it was slow agonizing walk home. I have watched the movie ten times since then with few problems but it helps knowing the Walt Disney folks drew in the birds.


A Norwegian grocery boy was filling a lady’s grocery sack. “I’ll yust put da eggs on da bottom of da sack, lady,” he said. “dat vay, if da eggs break, dey von’t mess up da canned goods.”


Ole has a digital alarm...Lena pokes him with a finger to wake him.


Have a good week!

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