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Fulda City Council holds meeting regarding storm debris clean-up

April 25, 2013

By Norma Dittman, Fulda Free Press staff writer
At a Fulda City Council meeting held on Tuesday evening, a decision was made to inform residents who call into Fulda City Hall regarding storm debris cleanup that the city will pick up debris from city owned boulevard trees only.

Because the boulevard trees are the property of the City of Fulda, the city is responsible for boulevard tree clean-up.

Private property owners are responsible for clearing their own tree debris from their property and hauling the debris to the Fulda City Dump. The Council is encouraging neighbors to help neighbors and friends to help friends, making the clean-up effort that much more productive.

If a private property owner cannot find someone to help them remove debris, pull it to the boulevard and the city crew will pick it up.

The meeting ended with another special meeting scheduled for Friday evening, April 19th, at Fulda City Hall. The meeting was set for the purpose of continuing the discussion regarding storm clean-up and to review the city’s estimates for the clean-up of the boulevards and the three city parks.

Funds for clean-up of only city owned property will come fom the following accounts:

• $15,000 from the General Fund Savings

• $25,000 from the Cable TV Savings

• $5,000 from Parks Savings and;

2013 Budgeted Line Items:

• $5,000 from the Tree Budget

• $11,750 from the City Hall Restroom Restoration and Courtyard upgrades

The city council is hoping for up-dated information by Friday night’s meeting pertaining to the city being able to help with picking up residential debris as well.

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