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April 25, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
The new game this year is pick up sticks and to give it some variety add fresh snow each week. Okay, this snow thing is getting tiring. I understand that most schools now have added a snow date for Graduation.

This was not the year to have lots of trees on your property. Most times it's a plus. We removed two big ones a year ago and missed them all summer. Now we feel pretty good about those being gone. Only two of our 24 trees escaped with little or no damage but the older trees seemed to have little trouble filling the yard with twigs and limbs. I have hauled out several loads of brush and the city has picked up large piles of brush several times. Burying my utility cables years back has saved my bacon more than a few times. If it quits snowing, I'm more than ready to mow grass again.

Last week, I was at Rutgers Resort in Deerwood for training, and yes, they had about a foot of snow but it wasn't a big problem if you don’t have to go anywhere. Snowshoes would have helped and the food was great.

* * *

This police officer sees an old lady driving and knitting at the same time so after driving next to her for awhile he yells to her,"PULLOVER". She replies,"No a pair of socks".

* * *

Anger and love are identical they make a person blind.

* * *

Have a good week.

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