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June 13, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
The sun was a welcome change from clouds we have shared over the last several days. Our drought problem has eased but not vanished. The mowing has to be squeezed between showers but its nice to see the lush green of plants. The season is late this year. Our Lilly's that normally are blooming now are just six inches high

Another crop is about to bloom in its full glory. Mosquitos are going to own those quiet still evenings. The last several years were difficult for the mosquitos to get a good hold on numbers of any kind. It will be different this year.

This Sunday is set aside to honor Fathers. It is a great day that is shared only by Mother's Day. Enjoy the day. The last verse of the anonymous poem " MY DAD" holds meaning for all of us.

Oh, do I thirst for the years gone by,

To be that growing lad,

Re-living all of the memories,

Of growing with my dad.

The Wood Duck Festival starts this week with the queen pageant on Wednesday night. One of the changes this year is the normal carnival has been replaced by rides for the little kids and carnival games run by local organizations and church's. It can be the darts and balloons, ring the bottle, out Drawing Bad Bob or any of the other choices. Who knows, it could be your next door neighbor,your pastor or your dad who is one of the "Carney Barkers". There is a kiddie parade this year as well as the big parade and a fishing contest that's been added. Check for times. Sunday is filled with good music and good food. See you there.


We learn from experience that men never learn anything from experience. - George Bernard Shaw


Have a good week!

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