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Murray County Board of Commissioners

Department heads report on conferences attended

July 3, 2013

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
Due to the recent abundance of rain, several ditches were in need of repairs. County Ditch #43, Section 9, Belfast Township, CD #47 Sec. 15, Leeds Township and Judicial Ditch #11, Sec. 31, Belfast Township were approved for repair. County Ditch #24 Section 3, Murray Township was discussed later, however, County Attorney Paul Malone is a landowner in the ditch system did not represent the county in the process. The ditch goes into the USFWS property at the present time and a reroute may be an option. A letter will be sent to Kurt Deter, ditch attorney, for an opinion.

A resolution was passed to participate in the 2013 Performance Measures Pro-gram. The county receives a reimbursement of $0.14 per capita in local government aid. Among the benchmarks that are evaluated are Public Safety, e.g crime rates; Probation/ Corrections - Percent of adult offenders with new felony conviction within three years of discharge; Public works: Hours to plow complete system during a snow event, etc.; Public Health: Life expectancy; and others. Compilation for the report is done by the auditor/ treasurer as submitted by the department heads. The results will be published on the county website by December 31.

Commissioner Dave Thiner reported the Plum Creek Library System is doing well with the revamped stops. The usage of the library is good and the honor system for checking out books and returning is doing well.

Jean Christoffels, zoning administrator, reported on MACPZA Spring conference. A session on how to handle threats in the office or at the site was very informative, she said. There were updates on the various agencies associated with the zoning office. Stricter standards may be enforced for the shoreline protection grants.

The MAPCED conference was attended by Amy Rucker, economic director. Transportation for economic development was discussed. There will be a new program to replace JOBZ. A business would need to have $500,000 for a new business start or to expand and must employ at least 10 people. The job creation fund is not useful for small businesses she concluded.

Jim Johnson, recorder, att-ended the conference for MN County Recorders Association. He is treasurer for the group. He spoke of the electronic recording that will be a reality in the near future. On July there will be a new software program available. They also talked about the military discharges as there are more returning service people. Another topic was elected or appointed recorders. Passports are issued at the recorderís office and 115 have been so far this year.

Bids for the house and garage at 2109 Juniper in Slayton will be opened on July 18 at 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. The garage must be removed by August 15, 2013 and the house by September 13, 2013.

Michelle Miranowski updated the board on the regional transit route being planned. The bus will run four days a week (Monday - Thursday) with four routes per day. The Senior and Transportation directors in the four county area (Murray, Pipestone, Nobles and Rock Counties) have met many times to establish times, routes, stops, etc. to get the routes started by the first part of August. Because the bus is funded in part by the counties, the board thought it wise to have a commissioner on the Transit Route board. Dave Thiner was appointed.

The board approved the surplus equipment policy of the sale of county items. Items to be sold shall be on the county website or

No checks will be accepted, only cash or money orders. Sale of items valued over $15,000 must be approved by the county board or hospital board.

The resignation of Josh Muecke from the parks department was accepted as of June 24.

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