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November 28, 2013

by Jerry Johnson
Particularly this weeks, as all weeks, we are grateful and thankful of you our readers and our advertisers for your continued support. We appreciate your feedback, ideas and thoughtfulness. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving,

Hunting is getting a little slower now, so some extra projects are getting done. There are also a few projects that I have waited long enough that it no longer matters if they get done or not. My wood cutting has gone forward in lurches but forward. The driving force is I love to sit near the fire place in my favorite chair reading a book when the wind is blowing snow around outside. I can go a good four weeks of steady burning before I need to fill the woodroom again. Every week there one and a half buckets of ash to remove and of course the lecture on keeping the mess to a minimum. Things go faster if my wood splitter hasn't been stolen. The replacement splitter has a few mor obsticals like being chained I placed, hitch lock security cameras, a shotgun by the door and three dogs that haven't been fed for days. Of course this is not a challenge but it will take some time. If its convent for you call ahead and I will have sandwiches ready for you.

Twenty days to Christmas if you are counting. We have had another week without anything to shovel. How easy is that. The ten day forecast looks pretty good for our corner of the world.

May the holidays hold all the happiness that you and your family can enjoy. May this week be extra special.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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