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December 5, 2013

by Linda Beerman
A couple weeks ago I celebrated another birthday. I have always enjoyed my birthday, probably because from little on my family made it a special time for me. This day started at about 7:00 A.M. with a phone call from my brother-in-law, Bruce, from Brewster, MN. He said he wanted to call early so he wouldn't get busy and forget to wish me a happy day. That was the beginning of several calls of good wishes to make my day memorable. I so enjoyed all of them, and maybe that is why I lost my voice for a few days afterwards!

About nine o'clock that same morning, my oldest son, Mark, called to say Happy Birthday. He went on to say that I was going to get a special present this year. A new granddaughter! Born right on my birthday! Really? Are you sure? Yup, he said things had been progressing and they were on their way to the hospital shortly. They live near Lewiston, MN, between Rochester and Winona, so as the day moved forward we kept in contact via the cell phone.

I was glad that this baby was almost here because Heather had suffered so much the last month with a bad toothache. Because of the pregnancy, she had to be careful of anything taken to help the pain that might hurt the baby. She ended up having it extracted, but it was a difficult extrication leaving her with 17 stitches inside of her mouth. Ouch!

This baby would be their seventh child, all girls, and that is fine with them. I am the one who has kept praying for a little boy the last few times, because I told Mark he needed a son to "rock his world". He assured me that his world already rocks! Well, yes, I guess it does. There is no lack of activity, enthusiasm for life, and surprises in that household.

I was wrong in thinking that this baby would come quickly because it was the seventh. The day stretched into evening, and my prayers for Heather and the baby became more urgent. It so happened that the baby was taking her time, and that there was a few problems with the umbilical cord being in a knot, and also getting much pressure from the head as it moved into the birth canal. After some anxious moments, Acacia Marie made her entrance into this world about 7:45 P.M. Acacia ( ugh KAY' sha ) is from the old testament book of Exodus 25:10, and Marie is after Heather's great grandmother who is 101 years old.

Going home to six sisters I'm sure was an event to behold. Wish I could have been there! They are all such doting siblings, and so little Acacia will have no lack for love or attention. I am actually heading their way today, and I am excited to finally hold this new little addition to our family. All babies should know they are loved and wanted. I know that her world will be filled with smiles, giggles, and lots of deliberate devotion from the older sisters and extended family who live nearby.

I wish Dan were going with me, but this is more of an emergency visit for me to help out. Crisis for Heather came again last night when she was hospitalized with a large kidney stone and much pain. She did go home late last night with medication to try and pass this stubborn concretion, and we are sure hoping that happens. Otherwise she may be looking at surgery which I am praying she can avoid. She surely has had enough pain and misery the last few months. I admire her stamina and pain threshold because mine is pretty much nonexistent.

I must close and get my car packed for my solo journey east. A few baby presents, bags of apples and oranges for the sisters, some Christmas CD's to entertain me on the way, a little chocolate to munch on, and I will be ready! When I get there I can promise you I will be greeted by several happy little girls coming at me with hugs and laughter. I must be strong and ready for most anything! But I also know it will be a GOOD TIME with a household of energy and love.

Childhood should be filled with such happy times. May they all look back on these years with memories that bring a smile to their faces and reassurance to their hearts that they were wanted and loved.

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