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Murray County Board of Commissioners; Murray County Board of Commissioners finalizes 2014 county budget

January 10, 2014

By Dorothy Bloemendaal
The Murray County Board of Commissioners held their final meeting of 2013 on December 30.

Howard Konkol presented a bill for the water retention structure that will be used for the project in Lowville Township Section 36. There was a cost savings by ordering the pipe before the first of the year.

Commissioner Robert Moline reported RCRCA and Area II are merging on January 2, 2014. Details of the merger were to be finalized on that date. There are grants available until 2016 for projects.

No ditch petitions were presented and one bill was authorized to be paid - Judicial Ditch #28 - $658.70.

The 2014 ditch levies were set as assessments for a total of $102,400 the County and Judicial drainage systems.

The 2014 budget for the county was approved. Revenues - $13,573,042 and Expenditures - $13.737,646. Planned changes to Fund Balance $229,616.

The gopher bounty remains the same at $2.00 per animal. The beaver control fee is $60.00 for beavers in county parks, county road, or county ditches.

The 2014 E911 assessment for rural address signs is $3.00 and the Solid Waste Assess-ment remains the same as the previous year.

Nine loans for 2013 CWP Septic Systems were certified for payment in 2014 taxes. Each loan is for 10 years.

Carlson’s Corner, Ruppert Oil, Pete’s Corner, Candler Coop (dba Cenex Convenience Store-Lake Wilson) and Avoca Municipal Liquor Store were approved for 2014 tobacco license renewals.

A letter was signed requesting an extension of the Murray County Solid Waste Management Plan. The Southwest Regional Solid Waste Commission had asked for the extension as it continues to show its commitment and agreement to develop, adopt, implement, and maintain a proactive Multi-County South-west Solid Waste Commission Plan. SWRSWC comprises 12 counties in southwest Minnesota with the objective to decrease the amount of land disposal for solid waste.

Jim Reinert presented the grant agreement for 2013 State Homeland Security Program. The federal grant of $150,000 is to be used for training, planning, exercises and management and administration. There is no matching requirement for the program.

The board will continue to meet on the first, third, and fourth Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. of each month for 2014. Budget meetings will be July 8, 9 and 10 at 9:00 a.m.

Approval was given to Janet Timmerman to apply for two scholarships to the attend the National American Association of State and Local History Conference in September of 2014. The conference is in St. Paul, MN this year. Timmerman and Anita Gaul are planning to attend.

Citizens’ committee pay was set at $55 per day and $80 for Planning and Zoning and Board of Adjustment. Meal reimbursement is $35.00 and Mileage follows federal standard rate of $.56 per mile.

Elected officials salaries were set. Auditor/treasurer - $70,000, Recorder - $70561.12, Sheriff - $76,310.56, County Attorney $71,083.80, and Commiss-ioners $19,200 plus per diem.

The board approved up to $1,000 to rekey all the locks at the End-O-Line Park. Hub City Enterprises, LLC of Lake Wilson will do the project.

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