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April 29, 2014

By Linda Beerman
This morning started out pretty much like any other in our house. After breakfast, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I opened the microwave. Good grief!! There inside was a large dish filled with Green Bean Casserole that was meant for yesterday's Easter dinner at our home! I had completely forgotten about it, and it had been sitting patiently waiting for me to remove it from the oven. I can't believe that I did not miss it on the table, but I had cooked it before leaving for worship so it had left my mind I guess. It will taste good today though..but will surely be more than we need!

Memory slips are aggravating, frustrating, and sometimes even worrisome. When they happen more than they should, it can trigger fears of looming dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.

Do you have times of forgetfulness that makes you wonder if it could be the beginning of something more serious? I remember asking a doctor when I should be worried about forgetting about something. Like where I put the car keys or an important piece of paper that I need. He told me that we all have those times, and it really is quite normal. However, if we don't remember what to do with the keys or the important paper when we pick them up or see them...then it could be a warning that more serious memory loss is happening.

Just last week I was reading a blog from the Harvard Medical School, and it said that we could have better memories sometimes by just changing our lifestyles. The following are some common causes of forgetfulness that were listed:

** Lack of sleep - Not getting enough sleep is most often a common cause of forgetting things. Well, I know that can easily be my main cause. I fall asleep easily, but many nights don't stay asleep to get the required amount of healthy sleeping time.

** Medications - Some of these can cause sedation or confusion. If we feel that something is taking the edge off of our memory, we should talk to an expert like a doctor or a pharmacist.

** Underactive thyroid - A simple blood test can tell us whether our thyroid is functioning well. A faltering thyroid can affect memory as well as disturb sleep and even lead to depression.

** Alcohol - The use of this can interfere with memory, even after the effects of it have worn off.

** Stress / Anxiety - Both of these can obstruct our attention and block formation of new memories or stop us from remembering old ones.

** Depression - This can be stifling sadness, a lack of drive, or lessening pleasure in common, everyday things we enjoy. When that takes over our thinking and life, it certainly can hinder our powers to recollect or recall on demand.

This morning my phone rang and my friend, Lois Bruns, from Fulda was on the other end. She has been in Wisconsin staying with a ninety-three year old aunt for two weeks. Lois's cousin, a daughter of this aunt, had to leave for awhile on a trip. So Lois offered to go and help out. She told me that the aunt asked her the other day who she was? And she is wondering where her daughter is and when she is coming back.

The aunt from Wisconsin commented that Lois looked like someone she knew, but she just couldn't figure out who. But she told Lois she liked her, and it was fine that she was there! That made Lois smile, as she is glad she could be there to help out too. But there are times of sadness as Lois listens to her aunt comment and even shed tears over the fact that she can't talk to her sons the way she would like to anymore. The thoughts and words just won't come out right. She has expressed how dumb she feels that she can no longer function like she used to. What a lesson to all of us to be more patient with those getting older and losing some of their former capabilities.

Many times I've been told to slow down and not be so busy, and I know this is good advice. I do listen sometimes, but I enjoy being active and busy with life. It gives me pleasure to be involved with volunteering that brings help to family, friends and others who need a favor or some assistance. But I know there has to be a limit and balance so that our own bodies do not become overtired.

Guess I'd better round up the uneaten beans, along with some other leftovers, and make some Monday lunch! The sun is shining, the air is warm, and some forgotten outside chores must be waiting on me!

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