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May 2, 2014

by Darcy Uttech
50 years ago

Thursday, April 30, 1964

Filings for positions on the Fulda Board of Education will close on Thursday, May 7th. Three candidates will be elected for a term of three years each.

Thirty-three children received their First Holy Communion in St. Gabriel's Church on Sunday, April 26th.

A statewide Air Defense Warning Test will take place this week…sirens will blast.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gravett are the parents of a daughter born April 26th.

Funeral services were held for Hannes B. Heyen on April 27th. Mr. Heyen was found dead in his home last Wednesday.

Mrs. Stella L. Johnson, passed away after being in failing health for the past two years. Mrs. Johnson passed away on April 22nd.

William H. Williams passed away on April 26th at the age of 88 years old.

Mrs. M. Ankrum passed away at her home in Tracy from a heart attack on April 20th.

Sealed bids on the John Uttech 1956 Olds will be received until May 9th. Contact Mrs. Lyle Beeck.

30 years ago

Thursday, May 3, 1984

A late snowstorm leaves area white again, dropping over 6 inches of chilly, wet snow.

Lou Nelson resigns as Administrator of New Dawn, Inc., Fulda.

Filing for two Fulda Schools Board of Education seats are Dale Burmeister, Shirley Buschena, John Maertens and Voris Spittle.

First place winners in the Monday night women's bowling league was the team of Downey Agency; Sharon Dirks, Elaine Probst, Ruth Jones, Izzy Kuehl and Darlene Hammerschmidt.

Randy C. Koopman passed away April 29, 1984. Randy was born with a heart condition and lived only one day.

Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Nantkes announce the arrival of their son, Jesse, born April 26th. Grandparents include Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Nantkes and Mr. and Mrs. Myron LeVan.

20 years ago

Wednesday, May 4, 1994

Five locals are among a large group which will test this week to become EMT's in the Fulda area; Jason Schulz, Curt Ramerth, Doug Ramerth, Jerry Czepa, Terri Kirchner, Larry Gielen, Tim Ferguson, Paulette Olsem, Brenda Engen, Chad Nagle, Eric Conklin, Kathy Adams, Wade Tutt and Jeanne Schultz.

The City of Fulda is offering free trees for boulevards and park areas in the city limits of Fulda.

Pirates Cove team received the first place prize in the Shetek Ladies Pool League. Members include Audrey Schuur, Donna Grothe, Lynn Engelkes, Kim Grothe, and Donna Meyer.

As of May 17th the number seven will be Fulda's lucky number…digital phone technology is being installed in Fulda. To accommodate this improved service, you will need to dial all seven digits, the prefix plus the telephone number, for all calls in your local calling area.

Margaret Becker passed away at the age of 93 on Monday, April 18th.

Joyce Evenson is honored as Resident of the Month at Maple Lawn Nursing Home.

Todd Kramer and Tanya Kramer are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Tessa Sue born April 24th.

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