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July 10, 2014

by Rebecca Clausen
Happy belated birthday to Tony Reynolds and Bardene Peters on June 26th, Monica Kirchner and Kris Gass on June 28th, Syd Strom on June 29th, Julie Hulstein, Kimberly Schumaker, and Kari McBree on June 30th, Elnora Hochstein, and Ryan Lohse on July 1st, Lynn Witzel on July 2nd, Kent Knutson on July 3rd, Dave Bos and Maddie Rasche on July 4th, and Lola Gunther on July 7th. Happy Birthday to Darren Brunk on July 10th, Cindy Meier on July 11th, Cody Grant and Pastor Mark Yackel Juleen on July 13th, Chad Boerst, Rich Brunk and Sue Humphrey on July 14th. Happy Anniversary to Bill and Jenny Brunk on July 7th. Sorry to everyone missing the Dundee News, I will be trying to make sure I get this out every week from now on. I hope everyone is still in good health and had a safe 4th of July weekend and did not get to eaten up by these crazy mosquitoes, that so far everyone I have spoken to say are just as bad everywhere. The sewer project in Dundee is going well, for a couple of weeks it was an obstacle course, but now all streets are drivable. Elsie Gustafson received a visit from her girls this weekend Janet, Crystal, and Connie Gustafson. Joyce Speth received visits this weekend from Roy and Shawna Daily of Northfield MN, Brad and Cole Schuller of Northfield, MN, Bruce and Nancy Rindfleisch of Austin, MN, Aaron and Jodie Rindfleisch along with Drew, Jacob, and Lucas of Rochester, MN, Brittany Daily from Northfield, MN, and Ruth Hoffman Fulda. Duane and Shari Gehl received a visit last week from Tracey, Sadie, and Faith Robb of Chippewa Falls WI, Deb, Conner and Carter Bluck of Dacula Georgia, and Russ and Julie Gehl and family of Frankfort, IL were guest this weekend.

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