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No decision on ambulance taxing district

July 10, 2014

Murray County Board of Commissioners
By Dorothy Bloemendaal

Fulda Free Press staff writer

The recent heavy rain storms caused a possible record number of ditch petitions for one week to be filed for repair at the auditor/treasurerís office. Judicial Ditch #14, Leeds Township, Sections 17 (two petitions),18 (two petitions), and 20; County Ditch #68, Slayton Township, CD 58 and 26, Sections 21 and 22 Skandia Township, CD #6, 11-13 and 18, Cameron and Lowville Townships, JD #14, Section 13, Chanarambie Township, CD #50, Section 14, Cameron, CD #54, Section 13, Iona Township, CD #57, Section 12, Chanarambie Township. The board approved all the petitions.

Terry Carlson submitted a proposal for a new campground at the Breezy Point grounds. Carlson indicated they plan to have 18-20 campsites available. On the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Board the permit was approved with two special conditions - all governmental laws rules and regulations shall be complied to. If any state permits are required, a copy must be submitted to the Murray County Environmental Ser-vices office before operation can commence. The conditional use permit may be reviewed annually to ensure the conditions are being met.

Janet Timmerman, museum director, said the End-O-Line Park would be ready and open on July 4. It was decided to place a portable exchange tank to provide soft water in the Dinehart/Holt house at a cost of $50 per tank.

Jeane Anderson was re-appointed to a two year term on the Human Services board of Southwest Health and Human Services.

Chandler Hilltoppers and Badger Lake 4-H Clubs have donated toward signs for the Murray County 4-H building at the fairgrounds. Three 2 x 8 foot signs will be placed on the building. There is no cost to the county.

At a special meeting of the Slayton City Council on Monday, June 30, they approved funding up to $5,000 for assistance to set up a taxing district for the ambulance. The money would be refunded when the district is complete. Jenni Kirchner ambulance director, spoke of the shortfall in funds in the past mainly due to some entities (townships and cities) not paying their share. If all would pay it would solve a lot of problems. A long term solution is needed. At this time the fund would only be for new ambulances. The Avoca representatives were concerned about the per capita cost and whether there would be a cap set. The system of collecting funds doesnít seem to be working now was said. No decision was made and will be discussed at the county budget meetings July 8-10.

Pheasants Forever submitted the high bid of $35,000 for the parcel of land - 4.6 acres - in Mason Township. There were four bidders.

The meeting was closed for labor negotiations.

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