Fulda High School Introduction to Business Class continues online learning

When asked how learning for the students in the Fulda High School Introduction to Business Class has continued during long distance education, teacher Rachelle Munson, replied, “It helps that I’ve been using technology in the classroom for the past twenty years. Everything that we do in my classroom in Fulda, I have always posted online. I’ve been at Fulda Schools for six years and there have been very few papers exchanged between the students and myself.  I have always posted the requirements for the assignments on line, instructed the students how to proceed, and then asked them to turn the assignment back in online. I grade the assignment and send it back online. By doing that you do not have a paper trail and the communication is much better. I also do the same with the fifth and sixth grade students. So, the technology piece wasn’t a learning curve at all for those classes.”

Mrs. Munson explained that the Introduction to Business Class is dual credit for both the high school and college through Southwest Minnesota State University.

“The students have  been learning about entrepreneurship, the economy, business  management and marketing. The course touches on each aspect of business and helps the students to get a glimpse into each aspect.  If they are going to go into business, it is important to know before they declare a specific major.”

With Perkins money, Mrs. Munson had purchased a Cricut and a heat machine for use during fourth quarter this year with the students from the Introduction to Business Class.

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