Fulda Speakers present 2017 showcase

By Norma Dittman

Fulda Free Press staff writer

Fulda High School’s Speech Team showcased their talents , with fourteen speakers participating, during the Monday evening, April 10th, Speech Showcase 2017.

Under the Creative Expression category, Logan Clarke presented McDonald’s vs. Burger King and Burger King vs. McDonald’s.

In the Drama Category, Little Girl Dreams by Samantha was performed by Corrine Frodermann and Brooke Lais presented The Amazing Doris Maples by J.J. Jonas.

Incendiary by Chris Clean was presented by Hailee Guinn in the Prose Category.

Frances Piper performed an Original Oratory entitled Alt-Right, All Wrong.

He’s Mine by Ashley Wallace was presented in the Duo Category by Claire Reith and Faith White.

Under the Informative Category, Hope Stanton presented Ebola.

Emily Madison presented Cheering My Way to College by John C. Havens for the Humor Category.

Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio was performed by Bailey Onken in the Prose Category. Onken also joined with Jason Van Dyke in the Duo Category performing Forensics Marriage by Kathleen Nelson.

Overview of Discussion was the speech performed by Kenny Hillesheim in the Discussion Category.

A cutting from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak was performed by Daniel Walther in the Extemporaneous Reading Categoy.

The FHS Speech Team is coached by Chris Bambrick.

Refreshments for the Speech Showcase 2017 were provided by Maynards and the Fulda High School Nutrition Staff.

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