Jerry’s Jottings 4-22-2020

We are in a lockdown, some what. If you have a real need like going to the doctor, buying food and the like it is ok. Mostly, we shouldn’t want to go anywhere. Murray County has three covid-19 cases at this point.  Nobles County has -76,  Rock -4, Pipestone -2 Cottonwood -6, and Jackson -2. There have been no deaths reported. Hopefully the numbers will remain low.  As deaths, for the nation, has surpassed 42,000 the seriousness of the spread of virus should dampen any need to be where people gather. The lockdown is being lifted in some locations but we are on the upward part of the curve. Caution is a necessity.

The good news ( maybe ) is the price of gas which is under $1.45 and the possibilities of it going below one dollar are very real.

The grass is green and serious mowing starts this weekend. My tulips survived the Easter snow and freezing nights and soon be blooming.  We are past all chance of freezing, it is something we tell ourselves every year and sometime it’s true.

The Covid Toes Mystery has a new grip on us as we start the search for on explained rash on our bodies. More information on this when more research is available. Body searches are in our immediate future giving us one of those unexpected turns in life. I thought rashes were something that started early in life and blamed on diapers. Now if you have unexplained discoloring in your feet  it is blamed on the virus.

Shopping local has always been necessary and a joy and now has a better following than before. Amazon has a strong pull on us that doesn’t help the local guy and their future in our community. The person offering oil changes to the merchant stacking her shelves with offerings, our community needs you more than ever.   

Look for us next week.

* * *

“Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you’re positive, good things happen.”                  Deep Roy

* * *

Have a good week!

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