Jerry’s Jottings 4-8-2020

Life is getting challenging with all the restrictions placed on us and we need to adhere to the rules. Homemade masks have reach the status of being necessary to protect others and yourself. Social distancing, group avoidance and staying home along with washing your hands will help you and your family’s chances of surviving this pandemic. We need to pay attention and adhere to the rules of survival.

Murray County has its first confirmed case of Coronavirus which means it’s here in our back yard. We can no longer assume it won’t happen here. Nobles County was free as of Sunday and may they remain so. The remaining year has been disrupted and most events will be difficult to carry out. Our local economy is pinched tight and survival will be difficult if not improbable. On the good side it’s spring and starting to feel like it with the tulips breaking ground and the birds choosing nesting sites. It’s possible to talk with neighbors and folks walking by on the street. I have seen very few people wearing mask yet but the time may come that it will be the norm. Yard work may be premature yet but I have been poking around the corners at some leaves left from last fall. The mowing season will start soon. It will be fun for a few weeks then it will be another summer chore.

Springtime next year, 2021, our hope will be for a normal year.

Looking forward to next week.

* * *

Boss – Do you think you can come in on Saturday? I know you enjoy your weekends but I need you here.

Me – Yeah, no problem. I’ll probably be late though as public transport on weekends is slow.

Boss – What time will you get here.

Me – Monday.

* * *

It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible.

* * *

Have a good week!

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