Jerry’s Jottings 5-13-2020

Another normal week in abnormal times, If it’s possible to have anything seem regular by doing things that would  ever cross your mind then today is it. Going into a convenience store, bank or any public place wearing a mask is a little confusing. Maybe a mask and sun glasses with your hat pulled down and your vehicle running will be accepted for some time yet. The abnormal is here.

The virtual meetings are a great way to get together with time saved on travel. Sunday we had two, one was breakfast with family. It was decided earlier that it would be waffles and the out come was a pleasant visit and a full stomach. Sunday evening we had another zoom gathering with friends around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Six couples chatted for forty minutes and little was decided or achieved but it was fun and enlightening. City councils are getting quite adept at the on-line meeting thing.

Our near freezing temperatures over the weekend was worrysome but we made it thru with little loss. There was some talk last week about a few corn fields that could be rowed.

We are getting closer to the time we make choices that will make public appearances difficult. My thin unruly hair has achieved a length that would be suitable to weave a whitish grey mat that would cover the head better. The other half volunteered to do the cutting provided I would do a search and destroy on the plague called grey roots. It’s a phenomenon with no known cause. The outcome will leave few standing but you have to try. The results will be noted.

  Get comfortable at home. Enjoy what you can. Protect what you have and help where you can.

* * *

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”      Marilyn Monroe

* * *

Have a good week!

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