Jerry’s Jottings 4-15-2020

Our annual April Snowstorm is under our belt and it did not compare to last year’s storm. The power was constant and appreciated, leaving sump pumps, furnaces and freezers running. Days of no power last year because of downed power lines will be long remembered, but neither compares to our pandemic.

I know everyone is doing everything they can to keep their family safe.  We are learning new ways to replace the upfront hands on greetings of family and friends. How long before we can return to our old ways, if we ever do.

We did get our potatoes planted on Good Friday. It doesn’t always happen that it works out, actually this might be the first time for me planting on Good Friday. The potatoes should be really good this year but time will give a full account for my horticulture abilities.

As you may have noticed in this week’s paper, you can have a free E-edition subscription whether you are a current subscriber to the hard copy or not. If you are a current subscriber, we will extend it. What ever makes it easy easier for you. Call our office and we will get you started. Questions? Give us a call.

I have a robin who sets in the tree outside the window that has developed that look of spring misery and when the snow started flying he upped his game. The robins were around when I would feed all the birds a decent varied  offering of seeds, bread crumbs, leftover pancakes and the occasional raisin. When the snow flies that robin can look so miserable with no hope possible. That’s when the peanut butter, scrambled eggs and hamburger or anything else that has some protein in it comes out.  Anything to put a smile on a robin.

There is a strong need to be with family and friends when you can’t and the phone call helps. Having a group call is even better. Sharing the laughs, seeing all the faces and having that connection goes along ways. The virtual meeting with councils and boards seem to be going over fairly well.

God willing we will talk with you next week, same time and same place.

* * *

Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together!                                                                         Marilyn Monroe

* * *

Have a good week!

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