The Great Library Get-Together

Summer is here and with it, Fulda Memorial Library! The library opened its doors to the public on Monday, June 1st, operating under normal business hours. 

This summer’s Great Library Get-Together starts this week. Join with your family, friends, and neighbors as free events and activities happen every week from June 6 – July 29, 2020. New this year, events will take place online, over the telephone, and in-person. Plus this summer reading fun is not just for kids. All-ages are invited to join as there is something for teens, adults, and whole families. How to be a part of the Great Library Get-Together? 

1. Sign-up for reminders

2. Choose which activities appeal to you

3. Check-in every week for a chance to win a prize drawing!

Being part of the Great Library Get-Together happens at your own pace. When you sign up at the library or online, you choose what activities you want to be reminded about: 

*Reading activities 

*Online activities

*In-person activities 

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